2022 - 2023 Schedule

View our Fall and Spring class schedule below.

If there are additional classes or class time you are interested in, such as H-V Vocabulary for 7th grade and up, please fill out our survey hereClasses will be arranged once there is sufficient interest.

4-8 students per Grade 1 class
4-10 students per Grade 2 class
4–12 students per Grade 3–11 class (English, Math, E/RW, Vocabulary)
4–8 students per PS class
Classes are subject to cancellation or adjustment if fewer than 4 students sign up.
New class times may be arranged due to popular demand.
Class placement is determined by our placement test.


In English, our youngest students build foundational language skills in phonics, reading, spelling, and grammar during classes tailored for age-appropriate virtual learning. Our online classes feature a combination of on-screen learning, interactive activities, and drawing and writing exercises designed to help students strengthen their writing abilities. Our experienced PK–G2 teachers keep students smiling, learning, and reading their way to success.

English Grammar | English Reading and Writing | English Reading and Writing Course Online | Virtual Writing Tutor

Math classes

Our vision for all math students is to achive success by developing students’ interest and confidence in math through mathematical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving and by learning that is based on concept and principle understanding. Our math classes are intensive, interactive, and engaging!

Each virtual math class features interactive lessons paired with guided and independent practice. Students begin with Fast Math Facts to improve fluency and mental math strategies, before moving on to the interactive lesson. Our learning center’s math lessons are Common Core–aligned and designed to engage students through a variety of discussions, engaging activities, and collaborative problem solving.

VSA Future | Math Program | Private Tutoring

Vocabulary classes

VSA Vocabulary brings language to life in daily classes. The class learns to use Greek and Latin roots to categorize unfamiliar words based on its function and part of speech, and they build connections to other age-appropriate vocabulary based on word roots. Studying word roots opens children’s eyes to new words, making vocabulary mastery easier, faster, and more enjoyable. With a rich vocabulary, students become stronger writers who can articulate their ideas clearly and effectively.

Vocabulary Program | VSA Future | Tutoring Center

public speaking classes

Help your child develop a strong foundation for communication starting now. With strong public speaking skills, children learn to find their voice, become confident and efficient in learning, and emerge from the majority. They become comfortable and capable of advocating for themselves in class discussions, group projects, or in one on one sessions with their teachers. These public speaking classes teach children how to speak up in all areas of their lives and learn that their voices are important tools for expressing their thoughts intentionally and powerfully.

Online Tutoring | VSA Future


In our English classes, our youngest students study the core language skills required for phonics, reading, spelling, and grammar during classes tailored for age-appropriate virtual learning. Our older learners are challenged with advanced phonics and grammar lessons, designed to help them become confident and competent readers.

In Reading and Writing classes, students study the building blocks of English—grammar, syntax, vocabulary—and learn how to use these tools to express themselves through their writing. Each class incorporates grammar and vocabulary lessons, reading comprehension practice, and writing units to give students a 360° view of the writing process. 

Reading Program | VSA Future | Learning Center