VSA Future Seminar


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“The director has done an amazing job for the virtual class. My kids did not feel much dierence. The online class is definitely a saver for us during this challenging time! Really appreciate the flexibility VSA Future has oered. Kudos to the director and her staff for being flexible and good quality of classes!”

—Parent, 4th Grader, 7th Grader, and 10th Grade

What are the rules of the virtual classroom?

Please pay attention to the class, and close other applications and files on the computer. Eating and drinking are discouraged during class. Whenever possible, students should sit alone in a quiet room and wear headphones to help them concentrate. Parents should allow children to learn independently in virtual class without additional help, beyond providing technical assistance when needed. Avoid surrounding sounds and interference; when siblings or family members appear in front of or near the screen, it aects the a–ention of other students.

What software, equipment, and materials will my child need?

All campers should have access to a computer, laptop, or tablet with video and sound capabilities. VSA Future recommends that students use headphones (with microphone capabilities, when possible) for best sound quality and to focus. Students should have the Zoom app installed. Students should have pencil and paper with them during class to take notes and use as scratch paper. Additional class materials will be emailed to parents as needed.

What online platform does VSA Future use for class?

VSA Future uses Zoom videoconferencing for its camp classes. Each student will receive a class schedule with Zoom meeting IDs and passwords. VSA Future uses the Waiting Room feature and meeting passwords to ensure student safety.