7 Important College Prep Acronyms You Should Know

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Struggling to decipher all the college prep acronyms you’re seeing everywhere? Do you need to keep on top of all the different tests to make sure your child doesn’t miss some critical requirements? Our expert staff at VSA Future have compiled some of the most important acronyms to know:

ACT(American College Test)Academic assessment test accepted by many colleges in lieu of the SAT I. Generally offered throughout the school year.
SAT I(Scholastic Assessment Test)Academic assessment test required by many colleges for admission. Generally offered several times throughout the school year. Required to receive the National Merit Scholarship.
Pre-ACT Test(formerly ACT Plan test)Practice test for the ACT, usually administered to sophomores in the fall. Generally regarded as ACT’s equivalent of the PSAT.
PSAT(Preliminary ScholasticAssessment Test)Practice test for the SAT I; also used to evaluate students for National Merit Scholarship qualification. Generally administered to juniors each October.
SAT II Subject TestsTests offered in more specific academic areas. Required by some colleges in addition to the SAT I/ACT.
TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language)English language assessment required by colleges for students who speak English as a second language. Required for most international students from countries where English is not the primary language.
AP Exams(Advanced Placement)Subject-specific tests taken after completion of AP-level courses. Not required for college admission, but are used in evaluation of applications. Certain scores can allow students to place out of college courses or requirements.



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