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Fall/Spring Classes

Our Virtual Summer Camp offers our learning center’s best-loved programs in a convenient virtual format, with everything from intensive academics and Public Speaking to Fun with Science and Chess—plus our Global Speech Series!

On Monday through Thursday, campers study the ins and outs of language arts, craft thoughtful essays in every genre imaginable, and hone their problem-solving math skills. Campers in Grades 3–8 become bold, incisive speakers in daily Public Speaking classes. 

On Fridays, campers explore the mysteries of the world in Fun with Science, broaden their horizons through the Global Speech Series, and get strategic in Chess and creative in Art!

Public Speaking

Speaking boldly and clearly has never been more important. In our Public Speaking course, students project their voices, make eye contact, and make their presence known, whether in person or through the computer screen. Our innovative course teaches students to effectively argue a strong stance, be persuasive, and hold an audience rapt with any topic they choose. By studying famous speeches and writing original talks, Public Speaking students: 

• Hone speaking fluency and articulation
• Build stage presence by practicing eye contact and focusing on posture and body language
• Adjust their speaking pace to keep audiences engaged
• Write weekly speeches on wide-ranging topics, from the serious—distance learning, cybersecurity, and scientific discoveries—to the light-hearted—vacations, favorite books and films, and how-to lessons.
• Dig deep into topics, gathering sources of information to support claims
• Organize research and arguments into clear, effective speeches
• Receive peer and teacher feedback on each speech
• Give constructive feedback to their peers

Experience all that was mentioned and more in VSA Future’s all online and tailored learning center!