Transform your college application from good to great.

Put your best self forward in the admissions process with the help of VSA’s experienced teachers, editors, and mentors. Our holistic counseling process builds confident learners, thinkers, and leaders who thrive not only in the application process, but also in all future academic endeavors. From choosing schools and preparing essays to impressing your interviewer, VSA is with you every step of the way.

VSA’s counseling team includes tutors for standardized tests, public speaking coaches, and editors to help you craft your personal narrative. Learn how we support our students through the entire application process.

School Matching and Selection

By assessing your preferences, strengths, and weaknesses, we help students craft a customized list of schools. VSA provides essential data and counseling to help students make well-informed decisions and strive for the best schools possible.

Application Plan and Timetable

Keeping track of all the different deadlines and requirements is anything but straightforward. Once your school choices are set, we help you stay on top of requirements, deadlines, and checklists, to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. We work with you to develop a realistic plan and timetable to have everyone completed with enough time for a professional review.

Essay Assistance

Whether you’re applying to private school or college, the application essay is your opportunity to stand out. Whether you’re looking for a “fresh set of eyes” or an editor to perfectly craft your personal story, we’re here to help. Our services include brainstorming and outlining to content editing and proofreading, to ensure that your unique voice and story shine through.

Interview Preparation

The interview is your chance to shine in front of an admissions officer, current student, or alumni. Learn how to make a lasting impression with an engaging story, impressive etiquette, and proper research. This is also your time to interview your interviewer—with our experts’ help, learn how to maximize your interview time and gain insights about the school itself.

College Acceptances

Johns Hopkins University
Wellesley College
Wesleyan University
Boston University
Emory University
New York University
NYU Stern Business School
Brandeis University
University of Michigan
LeHigh University
Pennsylvania State: College Park
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC Irvine
UC San Diego
UC Santa Barbara
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
University of Wisconsin
Rutgers Honor College

College Application Resources

For tips and explanations for every facet of the college admissions process, visit our Resources section.

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