iFLY Indoor Skydiving - Paramus

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Boy, I sure wish I could fly!” Well, your dreams have come true! There’s no need to waste tons of money on a private pilot’s license or hundreds of hours of flight training. You don’t even need any sort of license to fly! Fly for the first time at iFLY Paramus in wind tunnels that simulate real-world flying conditions – up to 200 miles per hour. Walk-in a door and step off a 15-foot high platform to experience a feeling of weightlessness. And then walk out 15 minutes later realizing there is no other feeling in the world quite like indoor skydiving.’


People think indoor skydiving is a rare experience reserved for athletes and elite groups, but the truth of the matter is that indoor skydiving caters to people from all walks of life. From beginners to seasoned pros, from the athletically inclined to the infirm, and from youth to senior citizens. The only prerequisites for flying at iFLY are a passion to jump and a calm, focused mind. In fact, as an introductory offer, iFLY will even let you try indoor skydiving for free if you live nearby!


You’ll put a flight suit on over your clothes, so wear a comfortable outfit you’d wear on a regular day. Eating prior to flying is okay, but don’t eat too much. You may want to bring sunscreen because the LED lights make you look, tanner. Also, if you use glasses or contacts, make sure to bring your prescription and contact lenses! A fantastic read


Arrive 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled flight time to allow for check-in. Once you arrive, you’ll be asked to complete a Flight Waiver. A member of our Flight Crew will be there to answer any questions you might have. Once you’ve checked in, you’ll receive a wristband. You’re free to sit or roam around and visit the gift shop until it is close to your scheduled boarding time. Please note that once boarding begins, we need everyone’s full attention on safety instructions from our Flight Crew.


A party needs food and bubbles. But more importantly, a party needs people! No amount of gourmet cuisine or specialty drinks will draw crowds if no one is there to share the fun. That’s where we come in. Our indoor skydiving simulator gives you and your guests the opportunity to pull off amazing stunts, or just get comfortable in the air. With birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations on the horizon, it’s always a great time to schedule a visit to iFLY Paramus. Your family or friends will be able to enjoy our indoor skydiving experience in a group or solo flight. We recommend both for completely different reasons! Check it out here >>>

Thinking about visiting our Indoor Skydiving? Here are the directions. For driving directions, we have a Google map link that you can easily access. We hope your visit to the Indoor Skydiving is fun and memorable!