Imagine That!!!

Imagine That!!! is one of the few institutions in the area that caters to children as young as pre-school age and as early as elementary school age. Imagine That!!! has been providing safe, educational fun for children in various places around New Jersey for over 20 years now. After consolidating our operations into a single huge location in Florham Park, NJ, we now provide a broad range of interactive exhibits and activities for the whole family to enjoy. A great post.


Imagine That!!! is a 16,000 square foot facility filled with numerous fascinating displays. Children are encouraged to touch, discover, learn, and explore their surroundings. With its emphasis on learning through play, Imagine That!!! provides a secure setting in which young children may run about and let their imaginations run wild. In addition to learning about exciting exhibits, children will also acquire and reinforce vital ideas as they travel along. In addition to offering a fun and exciting day for the children, the displays are mainly intended to develop their imaginations and brains.


RoboThink is a worldwide STEM education initiative that has educated over 50,000 children in robotics, coding, technology, and engineering. RoboThink has a global reach and reaches students all over the globe. At our accessible Florham Park location, we provide:

  • Fun and educational themed camps.

  • After-school programs.

  • Birthday parties.

  • Workshops for children and adults.

As a young engineer in our classes, your child will learn about the exciting world of technology while building and moving cool robots, designing and coding fun video games, and working on unique STEM challenges that will help them develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and spatial awareness skills. So why not give your kid a head start on their introduction to and exposure to the world of technology by giving them a computer?


IMAGINE THAT!!! is a learning experience in a NJ children’s exploration setting engaging and interesting for children, parents, and instructors. It is their specialty to cater to children’s birthday parties and playgroups, field trips, and school class excursions!


RoboThink’s STEM programs are trusted by parents, governments, and educational institutions in more than 20 nations across the world. Want to bring the wonder of our STEM programs to your child’s school? Contact us now. Call us at 973-966-8000 or send an email to centralnj@myrobothink.com to learn more.


Make priceless memories for your child as well as their friends and family. View the attractive and skilled artists that are available to perform at your next event!