Let’s Boost Your MATH Skills!

Math Program

Recent studies have revealed that COVID-19 learning loss has a negative effect on children’s math scores in elementary and middle school. Some students have fallen more than a year behind grade level in math skills—and now is the time to boost those scores to ensure your child has the skills necessary to truly advance this Fall.

VSA Future Virtual Summer Camp offers daily math classes that focus on the development of a child’s numerical and verbal mathematics skills. Our experienced virtual teachers constantly monitor and assess each student’s comprehension level through word problems, speed tests, and live practice exercises that are adjusted to the child’s skill progression.

Math program

This summer provides students with the best opportunity to catch up and make up for missed class time, with VSA Camp Classes that feature small class sizes, one-on-one teacher engagement, and a camp curriculum that makes math learning fun, interactive, and memorable.


VSA Future features over 50,000 engaging slides and lesson plans that will keep your child engaged and interested throughout the summer!



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