Make Learning Fun This Summer at VSA Virtual Camp

Summer Camp Program Friday

On Monday through Thursday mornings, VSA campers hone their writing, math, and vocabulary skills with engaging and interactive virtual classes. On Fridays, students dive into the world’s Big Questions with our Friday Fun activities!


Campers are exposed to real-world issues through compelling talks that broaden students’ perspectives on the world, ranging from global warming to a scientist’s daily life and much more, in this weekly series. The series aims to introduce students to global topics in order to foster an appreciation for the new and unusual. Our impressive panel of speakers—from scientists to lawyers, finance experts, and more—will inspire students to grow not only as learners but also as global citizens through age-appropriate talks.


Learning how the world works transports us to the deepest depths of the ocean or the highest peaks of the highest mountains. As students encounter the logic that underpins the universe’s mysteries, science is an exploration of the wondrous and strange.

Students learn how the water cycle stretches across our planet, how continents formed, and how environments give life to the animals that live within them in Fun with Science. Each week, students embark on a journey through the scientific landscape, bringing their curiosity with them.


From beginner challenges to advanced competitions, our experienced chess teacher introduces campers to key game principles. Campers improve their chess skills in virtual practice and sharpen their strategic understanding of the game through practice lessons and game play.


Campers look at their surroundings with a creative eye. Our art teacher leads students through art projects, drawing lessons, and other creative activities that transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Everyone is an artist, and everything has the potential to be a work of art. Create your own universe, complete with countries, maps, and never-before-seen landscapes and animals. Make a poem out of the book titles that are strewn about your room. The possibilities are endless, and each Friday campers embark on an adventure into the unknown.

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