STOP The Learning Slide at VSA Camp

Learning center

Children in grades K-12, on average, are more than 5 months behind due to the pandemic. It is past time to reorient them.

At VSA Future, we foster an enthusiasm for learning by providing rigorous academic classes that are also enjoyable, interactive, and creative.

We begin the summer season with our online learning center summer camp, which is designed to teach students math, reading, and other fundamental concepts that they would encounter in a traditional classroom.

Visit our website to sign up for our tailored lessons and learn more about them.

We believe in the power of a strong opinion, speech, or essay—and in our English, writing, and public speaking classes, we teach students how to research, construct, and support original ideas with clarity and precision. Our math students face the world of numbers and big data head-on, armed with a firm grasp on mathematical concepts and data analysis.

There are a limited number of spaces available, so reserve your spot today. For new camp students, diagnostic tests will be arranged.



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