VSA Future

Summer Public Speaking

Session 1: July 5–23, 2021
Grades 4–6: Mon–Thurs, 1:30–2:30pm EDT
Grades 7–9: Tues–Thurs, 7–8:20pm EDT

Session 2: July 26–August 13, 2021
Grades 7–9: Tues–Thurs, 7–8:20pm EDT

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Is your child nervous about speaking up in class?
Does your child stress about class presentations?

Speaking boldly and clearly has never been more important. VSA Future Public Speaking equips children with the practical skills and confidence they need to succeed in any setting, from enthusiastic class discussions to school speeches or virtual presentations. In our virtual summer PS course, students write weekly speeches and practice daily, culminating in a final presentation to family and friends at the end of each three-week session. Each week’s lessons focus on a particular skill, including making eye contact, understanding speech tones, maintaining pace and rhythm, and more. From the comfort of home, children become bold and enthusiastic speakers, able to project their voices to an in-person audience and in any virtual setting.

“VSA Future pays great attention to each of the students and puts in extra resources and efforts to ensure quality of online learning. Most importantly, the quality of teachers from VSA are top-notch and very experienced to inspire each individual to learn and improve. Thank you VSA Future!”

—Parent, 1st, 3rd, and 5th Grader