The remote learning experience with VSA Future is GREAT! I thought remote learning would be very challenging when I first heard about it—if it is challenging for adults to work from home, how could VSA Future manage so many kids at the same time? However, I am happily surprised—the classes have gone very well. Academically, we got the same classes and learning plans without any disruption. In addition, we got one extra class per week, which is awesome! I appreciate that my son has extra learning opportunities, and I now have some time to do my personal work, instead of turning on the TV to entertain him when I am busy. VSA Future teachers are so supportive and dedicated. The Director calls every parent before class if their kids forgot the class or are late. Now it is a new routine for my family. Keep learning and growing and save commute time with VSA Future. Do not spoil me, I am getting used to this new learning model!
—Parent, 3rd Grader
I have three kids. VSA Future offers a variety of course selections to fit the needs for each of my child. The teachers and staff are great to work with. My kids have been enjoying the classes. They have learned and developed so much on many different skillsets from English, Math, Reading & Writing and Public Speaking. I was not sure if the remote learning would work out. Turns out that my concerns are totally unnecessary. The director has done an amazing job for the virtual class. My kids did not feel much difference. The online class is definitely a saver for us during this challenging time! Really appreciate the flexibility VSA Future has offered. Kudos to the director and her staff for being flexible and good quality of classes! Given the current environment where the on-site camping is not realistic, I am very excited that the center offers virtual camp! Another great help just in time for working parent. It keeps them busy and they will continue to learn! Can’t wait to join the camp. Really appreciate for all the center has done for us!
—Parent, 4th Grader, 7th Grader, and 10th Grader

"More importantly, he is more confident in expressing his ideas especially in front of his classmates and teachers. With his well-prepared curriculums, the teacher made class interesting and easier."

A VSA Future teacher has been tutoring Andrew for almost one and half years. We can clearly tell in the past year, Andrew made lots of progress on his reading, writing, and speaking. More importantly, he is more confident in expressing his ideas especially in front of his classmates and teachers. With his well-prepared curriculums, the teacher made class interesting and easier. For example, poem writing is a hard topic for students. But under the teacher’s guidance, with carefully analyzing sample poems, learning the techniques on rhythming and organizing stanzas, Andrew really enjoyed writing multiple decent haikus and sonnets by himself. Also students' tutoring progress is well-communicated with parents. After every class, we will receive a summary on the class content, student's general performance, and assignments, etc, so we know exactly what part Andrew is doing well, and what part he needs to work harder. Andrew has been very happy working with the VSA Future teacher and we really appreciated the teacher's great help to Andrew. Thank you so much!
—Parent, 6th Grader
For the past two years, A VSA Future teacher has been tutoring me every week. In this time, he taught me so many interesting things. We started with poetry. He taught me how to examine and analyze poetry, which helped me identify the different literary devices and formats poets used. After that, we worked on writing poetry. For every unit that we did, four so far, he taught me the skills and tricks that were required to make my writing better. He slowly increased the difficulty, giving me a challenge every lesson, yet still keeping it at a difficulty that I could understand. Slowly yet surely, I started to implement the skills he taught me in my writing, which helped me greatly improve my writing.
—Kyle 6th grade
I have 3 elementary school age children in 1st, 3rd and 5th grade. Thanks to VSA Future’s online learning, they are ahead of their school curriculum and have become more confident academically. VSA Future pays great attention to each of the students and puts in extra resources and efforts to ensure quality of online learning. VSA utilizes multiple advanced technologies and online learning tools for students to have instantaneous interactions. As a result, kids are very engaged during the classes and they get extra homework and practice time to reinforce concepts. Most importantly, the quality of teachers from VSA are top-notch and very experienced to inspire each individual to learn and improve. Thank you VSA Future and teachers! You are the best!
—Parent, 1st, 3rd and 5th Grader
I am very happy with the online learning programs at VSA Future! Both of my kids take English and math lessons at VSA Future. My younger one is 6 years old and I was worried at the beginning. But since the very first class I have been surprised how much she really enjoyed it! Ms. Debbie was wonderful in engaging everyone in the class and my 6-year-old was able to focus the whole time. I can tell that my daughter is making a lot of progress after a few weeks. Now she is really looking forward to the two classes every week and I could finally get some of my own work done since she could be completely independent during the class time! Ms. Maria is also great in the math class: she is able to cover different topics each class, like the numbers family, telling time, and counting money, etc. Switching between subjects certainly helps the kids focus and be fully engaged during the hour. The admins are always helpful too! The director is very quick in responding to whatever questions I have. I trust that my kids are in good hands with VSA Future and could really learn a lot from these remote learning programs!
—Parent, Kindergarten and 6th Grader
Two of my sons joined English, Math lessons, and Public Speaking lessons at VSA Future. They both learned and improved a lot from these programs. Teachers at VSA Future are kind and friendly, and the director is very responsible. They take care of every student and give suggestions. Teachers are really great and they know how to attract students’ attention and student are eager to participate in the class. We would recommend VSA Future to all other families who want their children’s literacy and math skills to improve.
—Parent, 2nd Grader
Remote learning has brought challenges to parents and students. I was initially concerned that my 6-year-old daughter would not be able to stay focused for the entire session. I am glad to find out that the VSA Future are very good at keeping students engaged during online classes. There is a lot of interaction between the teachers and the students. The teachers constantly challenge the class with questions and do not leave out any students. The director monitors the online classes closely. She reached out to me a couple of times, by phone and text message, when I forgot to set up the Zoom meetings for my daughter. I have confidence in the director and the quality of the education provided by VSA Future.
—Parent, 1st Grader and 6th Grader
My two kids are in 8th grade and 6th grade. They have been taking Reading and Writing and ELA classes at VSA Future. Some parents asked me if VSA Future helps. I’d like to share my two cents as a first-generation immigrant living in the US for 20 years. Language learning is a life-long experience. There is no shortcut, no surprise. Practice makes perfect. Improvement and interest come naturally as we keep doing it. Language skills are critical and usually ignored by people like me, their major was in STEM. As a software engineer, one of my great regrets is I didn’t read much in literature, in history, in humanities, at school. Coincidentally, a lot of my college classmates feel the same. Language is not only a skill. Reading helps people to understand the world and life. A few months ago, nobody would’ve imagined online learning and work from home would become the new normal. I’m glad to see that my kids’ online classes with VSA are performing well. My son also takes public speaking at VSA. In his speech, he talks about why school should always be online, even after Coronavirus. In his view, online classes are the most effective way for both kids and school. As a parent, I appreciate that VSA Future encourages its students to speak their own thoughts, without judging or criticizing, but with guidance. I feel lucky that the Director of the VSA Future has the vision for the center to support and help the kids to be successful in their life, not only academically, but on every aspect as a person.
—Parent, 6th Grader and 8th Grader

“VSA Future made the whole college application process painlessly achievable. "

They provided reliable answers to any questions I might have about colleges, and my counselor and Dr. Julia were extremely helpful in selecting a list of balanced schools and refining my essays. Their support helped me feel less stressed throughout the process. I was accepted by NYU during early decision. I’m so lucky that I chose VSA Future.”
—Student, NYU Class of 2022

"I would highly recommend VSA’s counseling services to anyone eager to bring their college application to the next level."

Working with Jennifer and VSA during my college application season not only helped me to vastly enhance my personal statement and supplementary essays, but also to think more deeply about my own goals and experiences as well as how to translate that into my writing in an expressive and persuasive manner. Throughout the entire process, Jennifer was incredibly supportive and offered constructive feedback as to how I could let my personality and voice shine through in my whole application.
—Student, University of Michigan Class of 2022

“I am extremely grateful to Jennifer and the VSA Team for their guidance throughout my application process. As someone who started extremely late in the application season and decided to apply to a large number of schools, Jennifer made the seemingly daunting and stressful process much more manageable and made me feel much more confident in my applications."

While Jennifer worked remotely, she was always very accessible, as I could easily reach her by email, video calls, or phone calls. We talked and communicated very often, regrouping every so often to make sure we were on the same page then plan for the next step. Throughout the process, whenever I had any questions or faced any obstacles, I could shoot an email to Jenniferand receive a quick response. Whenever I had a draft I wanted Jennifer to look over, she was quick to provide helpful and constructive feedback, allowing me to develop my ideas fully. When we first started working together, Jennifer set up a video call to get to know me as a person, which I believed was crucial to helping me build a profile for colleges to see since I was trying to show myself clearly on a few pieces of paper. By the end of the application process, Jennifer knew me better than most people, which translated well in her feedback and advice about my essays. Jennifer and the VSA Team were always available to assist me whenever I needed. Their goal was not to just fulfill a business contract, but to work to truly help me through the application process.
—Student, Princeton Class of 2022

“The minute I heard that my son was accepted by NYU, I couldn’t believe it was true. Our family is extremely grateful to VSA Future and their teachers who helped my son go through the difficult college application process. No language can express our family’s feelings—all I want to say is We thank all of the teachers at VSA Future from the bottom of our hearts."

At first, my son could barely be convinced to meet a college counselor. After VSA Director Dr. Julia had just a one-hour conversation with my son, she had the unbelievable ability to grab my son’s attention and make him believe that he had potential. Ever since, he has become a highly motivated student. Three VSA college counselors helped him with every aspect of the application process, from choosing colleges, visiting campuses, writing college essays, filling out and submitting application forms, and training his interview skills. Before his NYU interview, Dr. Julia discussed interview skills, the appropriate dress code, and questions to ask with my son, which gave him the confidence he needed to do well on the interview. Now whenever my son has any questions, he always turns to his VSA Future teachers and Dr. Julia. Remarkably, his teenage rebellion has disappeared completely, and his relationship with us has become much better. VSA counselors are extremely responsible and patient with all of their students. It was my extraordinary luck that I brought my son to VSA Future. With their professional guidance, my son has moved from the most difficult period in his life. More importantly, VSA Future has improved my son’s motivation to study and confidence. Thank you to all of the teachers and Dr. Julia at VSA Future!”
—Parent, NYU Class of 2020
“Writing my personal statement for medical school was one of the biggest challenges I have ever faced. To help, VSA editor Jennifer first talked extensively with me to learn more about my experiences and passion for medicine. Our conversation made me think deeper about myself as an applicant, and after Jennifer’s feedback and edits, I could see my personality emerge more vividly from my statement. Everything she suggested made my essay more personal and believable, bolstering my application as a whole.

I continued to work with VSA for my secondary applications, where Jennifer pointed out specifics I could add to strengthen my writing. It was a great learning experience, and I could tell that I was improving in my grammar, word use, and essay structures. Throughout the process, Jennifer was incredibly encouraging and offered constructive feedback. Although she worked remotely, she was very responsive and available with emails. I can’t thank VSA Future enough for their skillful counselors and helpful resources, and I would recommend them to anyone applying to college or professional schools.”
—Medical School Applicant

“We are very grateful to Dr. Julia and the VSA team for their expert guidance on our nephew’s college application. With their help, my nephew now attends his favorite school and is studying for his dream profession.

My nephew began working on his essays over the summer, but he wasn’t satisfied after multiple revisions. When my nephew was frustrated that his school’s college counselors were too busy to be of much help, I hoped that a private counselor could help him with his specific needs. In early October, we went to talk to Dr. Julia and her team of counselors. They were very patient and helped him sort out his ideas, analyzed the schools he was interested in, made an application schedule, and planned his school visits. After discussing with his VSA counselors, he decided to revise his essay and eventually wrote about the event with the greatest impact on his life so far. VSA helped my nephew showcase his commitment to others and the sacrifices he had made for those he loved through his writing, and he was able to write the most honest and sincere essay possible. His VSA team not only guided him through his application—more importantly, they also improved his self-confidence. Under their guidance, he completed all of his applications on schedule, and he was admitted to the vast majority of his schools. He was able to have his pick of schools, and he decided to go with his first choice, which allowed him to pursue his academic and professional goals. For his career choice, his school ranks in the top five. He is extremely happy now at university. Once again, we are very grateful to the entire VSA counseling team, whose help made our nephew’s application process a stress-free and successful one!”
—Parent, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Class of 2020
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