7 Unique College Essay Topics that Always Work

7 Unique College Essay Topics that Always Work | VSA Future

Most colleges are looking for students that are a cut above the rest, making the entire application process more stressful and sometimes overwhelming. A college essay allows you to shape your narrative in front of the admission committee. Therefore, try to select an informative and engaging topic that can demonstrate your intellectual authenticity and vast knowledge.

Understanding the prompts is an integral part of writing a successful college essay. Below we have compiled a list of the most prevalent essay topics that always work.

Topic #1: Describe your background, personality, or talent. You can also share a story that depicts your character.

For this essay, try to write about the facets of your personality that are distinctive and can help you stand out from the competition. Consider integrating genuinely unique features of your personality, family, or background in the essay.

This topic also allows you to showcase your unique viewpoints on various aspects of life. You can also share a personal experience or event that is truly significant and special to you. An honest essay that portrays the originality of your character is crucial in establishing a strong emotional connection with the admission officer.

Whether it is your love for fiction, cooking skills, or family history, don’t hesitate to touch on any peculiar perspective as long as you can relate it to who you are or what you believe. Avoid writing an essay that a college will most certainly get a million times, such as an essay about your athletic ability or your early interest in studying. These topics are too mainstream to write about.

Topic #2: Write about a time that you failed at something. How did that failure affect you, and what did you learn from the experience?

When you apply to a college, you try to demonstrate your personality’s positive and confident side to the admission committee. Therefore, it may seem contradictory to acknowledge a moment that made you suffer. However, we all go through failures in our lives, and it isn’t something to be ashamed of. You just have to remember that the lessons you learn from these failures will define your upcoming success. Overcoming these obstacles takes guts, effort, and determination.

The obstacles you write about can either be significant or a minor one, like a family tragedy you overcame, an accident or sickness, natural calamities that strengthened your drive to succeed in life, or any other occasion when you demonstrated your fortitude. In any case, you must present to the admissions committee how your personality and viewpoint evolved as a result of that dilemma and how that failure enhanced your ability to cope with similar situations in the future.

Topic #3: Recall a period when you questioned or contested a belief or an idea. What made you think that way? What was the end result?

This essay tells the story of a moment when you opted to differ from others or had a preconceived notion challenged. Demonstrate to the admission committee that you have the ability to step back from your perceptions and learn from people you may disagree with. 

This can convey a solid message to colleges about your character and humility, as well as your capacity to engage in complex ideological disputes. In simple words, this essay is for you if you have a meaningful and unique experience to narrate and reflect on. Contrary to that, a vague essay on a popular topic reveals nothing impactful about your personality to the admissions committee.

Topic #4: Discuss a personal achievement, experience, or insight that prompted personal growth in your personality.

Personal growth is one of the most prevalent college essay topics you’ll come across. In this essay, you can discuss any impactful event or accomplishment that you have made. It can range from a significant milestone to a minor illustration of your personal development.

The college period is a time to groom your personality and become more self-aware. Between your freshman and senior years, a lot can happen. Sharing how various experiences or accomplishments have evolved your character can demonstrate your ability to adapt and handle change.

Topic #5: Describe a topic, idea, or concept that fascinates you the most and about which you are most enthusiastic.

This essay allows you to choose a topic that intrigues you the most and provides you with an opportunity to write according to your strengths. It only makes sense to introduce the admission staff to your interests if you are enthusiastic about them and have relevant knowledge.

It is preferable to avoid the trap of writing about what you believe would impress the admission committee rather than what is genuinely essential to you. Don’t forget that most colleges seek students that are interested in learning new ideas and are considerate of their surroundings.

Topic #6: Describe a problem in our society that you'd like to solve. Explain why it is significant to you and what steps are necessary to devise a solution?

As human beings, we like to think of ourselves as problem-solvers, but in reality, only some individuals are actually skilled enough to see a problem and devise a way to fix it. If you’re one of them, this college essay is excellent for you to exhibit your skills.

A comprehensive approach to life and a positive mindset are prerequisites for writing a compelling essay on this topic. A traditional issue, such as “hunger,” is a safe bet, but opting for a more creative topic can highlight your unique thought process and set you apart from the competitors.  While writing this essay, explain how you became aware of the problem and how you dealt with it to provide admission authorities a better insight into your decision-making process and problem-solving skills.

Topic #7: Write an essay on any topic of your choice.

You can choose your own topic if none of the pre-selected essay topics appeals to you. The topic you opt for allows the admissions committee to gauge the depth of your thoughts and intellect. They can also judge whether you are someone who can pave their own path or not.

If you decide to write on a topic of your choice, just make sure you write a compelling, coherent, and informative essay. Consider it as an opportunity to demonstrate your intellectual and social abilities to your reader.

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