Novel Based Vocabulary classes

Are you interested in helping to build your child's vocabulary?

A strong vocabular will not only give your child the tools they need to communicate well but it will also be a skill that they can benefit from for the rest of their life. From high school writing to college essays to their job resume, having a strong understanding of language is key to greater success in life.

The larger our vocabularies are, the more clearly we can not only communicate with others but the better we will be at understanding what others are trying to communicate to us.

VSA Future Online Learning Center is excited to launch their Vocabulary Program for children grade 3 to grade 6. In each vocabulary unit, students read and discuss a novel while learning vocabulary sets and studying vocabulary family cousins in interactive exercises. 

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VSA Future Vocabulary Program

VSA Future offers a fun interactive novel based vocabulary program where students will experience vocabulary first hand while reading level-appropriate novels in instructor led small groups. Their vocabulary comprehension improves as students discuss the text and build connections between characters and events using the new vocabulary. Students have the opportunity to practice and study the words they need to know to understand the text they are reading rather than memorizing random lists of words.

VSA Future uses that is based on understanding the Latin and Greek roots of words and how they can be used in sentence construction. Children will be give more significant words and then guided through not only breaking apart the words into their roots but also interpreting what each of those parts mean. From there, they will investigate related words for an even broader understanding of the word. They will parse words down to the root in order to unlock the key meaning.

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How To Improve Your Childs Vocabulary

Helping your child build a strong vocabulary doesn’t have to be stressful and in the nd can be exciting and fun! VSA Future’s Online Learning Center helps children do this by:

  • Bringing new words to live by finding them in our daily life
  • Visualize new words on paper.
  • Encourage children to note new words they come across and then research their meaning.
  • Constantly engaging in conversation with children
  • Using as wide a variety of vocabulary as possible especially when speaking with children.
  • Put new words into real life context.
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat.
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Each Lesson Covers...

Each 45 minute vocabulary class features a book discussion, group vocabulary activities and independent practice with teacher feedback. Students are then assigned homework based upon their individual level of mastery. Each class will cover: 
  • Spelling                  
  • Syllables
  • Definitions
  • Word Roots
  • Root Families
  • Proper Usage
  • Parts of Speech
  • Sentence Writing
  • Grammer
Vocabulary Program | VSA Future

Vocabulary Teachers

VSA Future’s Online Learning Center has teachers not only have Masters of Teaching in their area of expertise but are also highly trained in VSA’s model of teaching.

Additionally they have classroom experience ranging from 5-18 years from elementary school to middle school to high school.

Each of our vocabulary teachers are trained to provide detailed and meaningful written and verbal feedback to ensure students are progressing.