Best Virtual Classes For Your Child

Get a glimpse of what's in store for your children here at VSA Future!

Our specially designed online curriculum and methods of teaching cover a wide variety of academic and recreational fields that aim to develop a child’s educational background holistically. Paired with our certified and award-winning teachers, VSA Future offers a unique virtual class learning opportunity that doesn’t require your child  to leave the comforts of your home.

Public Speaking Videos

VSA Future Educational Seminar: How Parents Can Help Children Learn Public Speaking

VSA Future Educational Seminar: Essential Skills for Public Speaking

Writing Workshop Videos

Writing: Enjoying the Writing Process by Gianna

Skills: Scholastic Award by Gianna

Writing: Helping Children become engaged and Thoughtful Writer by Gianna

Skills: Growth Mindset by Gianna

Storytime, Reading and Writing, Math, English, Science, Public Speaking, Global Speech, and Chess are among the most prominent subjects we currently have available. VSA Future also promotes a virtual book club and an online public-speaking group for likeminded students. This serves not only to boost their socialization but also their leadership, camaraderie, self-confidence, and other personality skills that would  benefit them in the long run.

VSA Future also holds online summer camps to encourage continuous growth and development during off-periods when regular classes are not being held. Camp lectures are carefully tailored to be fun, informative, and worthwhile events that any child can participate in.

All sessions are of course separated per grade level with just the right number of students to ensure fair learning and individualized feedback.