Why VSA Future?

Why Choose Virtual Tutor

With so many options available to parents and caregivers, it becomes a challenge to choose which after-school program would best fit the needs of your child. Whether your child is feeling underwhelmed by their current schoolwork or simply needs a bit of extra support, VSA Future’s all online learning center offers an extensive list of English, math, reading, and writing, and public speaking courses that are the perfect supplement to your child’s current schooling. 

At the end of a school day, children need something unique and enriching to look forward to. Here are 7 reasons why VSA Future programs are just that and why our approach to online coursework is an excellent addition to a child’s education. 

Flexible Pacing

Unlike traditional schooling, where pacing guides and curriculum restrictions dictate a teacher’s day-to-day content, VSA has the flexibility and attention to detail necessary to tailor each class to its students. Using quantitative and qualitative data from each class, VSA draws on real-time feedback to design future lessons. The VSA director and staff’s time is most dedicated to crafting engaging, colorful, and guided lessons that both challenge and provide remediation on each topic. 

Free Daily Math, Grammar, and Writing Homework Support

VSA Future stands out by providing completely free math, grammar, and writing help, in addition to their enrichment classes. These help sessions are offered every day and at no added cost to any VSA student. In these additional sessions, students build autonomy and confidence in the course material with extra practice while also drawing on helpful guidance of a teacher if they feel stuck. 

Small Class Sizes

VSA Future keeps class sizes very small to ensure students receive the individualized attention they need to thrive, while also having the opportunity to make connections with their peers. Teachers monitor each student as they learn and practice and help them make adjustments along the way. This strong and consistent individualized attention keeps students from turning errors into habits and ensures students become strong readers, writers, speakers, and mathematicians.

Innovative and Interactive Technology

With the shift to remote instruction, VSA prided itself on researching and choosing the best and most innovative virtual learning technology. With these interactive teaching tools, teachers can see students work in real-time, help students analyze their own errors, and set students up for consistent success in all subjects. The virtual learning platforms provide immediate and thorough feedback for maximum improvement. Homework assignments are completed via these interactive platforms and teachers grade student work every week.

Master Teachers

Every class at VSA is taught by an experienced master teacher passionate about their subject and grade level. Teachers are actively engaged in the lesson planning process and are well prepared for each lesson they deliver. Described as “patient,” “engaging,” “empathetic,” and “energetic,” VSA teachers are deeply invested in the growth of every student and provide thoughtful and meaningful feedback on every student after each session. The VSA Director uses this feedback to communicate with parents, make recommendations, and plan future content. 

Each class is also staffed with a skilled TA who assists with technology issues, provides login assistance, and helps with troubleshooting to ensure that the teacher is fully focused on delivering high-quality instruction.

Flexible Grouping and Scheduling

At VSA Future, Kindergarten to 2nd-grade classes is offered twice a week. At this young age, frequent classes improve their understanding and overall mastery of content. For grades 3 and up, classes meet once a week for 90–120 minutes. In each class, students can expect a high-quality directed lesson, guided practice, and independent practice with frequent teacher feedback. 

Since VSA classes are determined by skill level and not grade, students can test out the classes that align with their skill set and needs.  Students with gaps in content knowledge might want to try a class to review missed skills, while an advanced student has the opportunity to work at a higher level. Grouping is fluid and flexible and can be adjusted throughout the year until a child has found their perfect fit. 

Personal Connections

Finally, the personal connections students make with their peers and their VSA teacher help any child love to learn. Students at VSA are encouraged to share their thoughts, express their knowledge, and interact with classmates and teachers. At VSA, learning is a creative and ongoing process, one made more fun by working together!

At VSA, our students come first and foremost. Every member of the VSA staff, from the director to the TAs and teachers, are working diligently to give students the personalized attention, compassionate care, and rigorous and engaging teaching they deserve. When done right, in the VSA style, virtual classes offer students incredible flexibility and deep learning, all from the comfort of home.



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