Best Online Classes For Your Child


At VSA Future, we inspire a love for learning through rigorous academic classes that are also fun, interactive, and creative. Students become analytical thinkers, deft writers, and confident public speakers, all from the comfort and safety of home. 

With intimate class sizes, live teaching 100% of the time, and individualized practice and feedback, our online classes offer high-quality learning and personal attention for each student regardless of their academic level. VSA Future prides itself on offering highly personalized academic support to each student. This means that if a student does not understand a concept covered during one of the lessons, a teacher will personally review the material with the student ensuring their understanding.

We believe in creating confident students with excellent problem-solving skills. We believe in the growth mindset that allows students to see their learning capability as limitless. We believe in the power of a strong opinion, speech, or essay—and we teach students how to research, build, and support original ideas with clarity and precision in our English, writing, and Public Speaking classes. Equipped with a firm grasp on mathematical concepts and data analysis, our math students face the world of numbers and big data head on.

Excellent Teachers

Our experienced teachers are skilled in age-appropriate virtual teaching methods that keep students engaged during class, whether they’re diagramming sentences or calculating surface area. 

Young students practice vowel songs and sound out new consonant blends together; 4th graders love educational games in division, geometry, and more; and middle schoolers master Fast Math Facts and algebraic expressions, all in the same class.

Supportive Online Learning

Classes are capped at 8–12 students to enable teachers to give personal feedback and foster active discussion. Teaching Assistants are on hand in every class to assist students with technical issues, from navigating Zoom to logging into student accounts. The online learning environment is very different from what students may have experienced in the public school setting. This format uses some of the most advanced technologies that allow teachers and students to work collaboratively and productively during virtual lessons and assessments.

For 1st through 2nd grade, classes are conducted via Zoom. Our early education teachers keep our youngest learners focused with fun songs, activities, and visually engaging slides that encourage them not only to pay attention but to engage with their teacher and peers. Students practice letter formation and writing on personal whiteboards and notebooks that teachers review through the screen. This allows teachers to provide students with immediate feedback on the lesson.

For Grades 3–11, classes are conducted via Zoom and an immersive learning platform that pairs lesson slides with interactive games, quizzes, and polls that ensure 100% student participation and full engagement. Teachers instantly review student work and provide in-class feedback on the individualized practice. Teachers can see in real-time exactly what the students are doing, what their thought process is like and how they arrive at answers to certain questions. 

Master the ins and outs of English grammar and syntax in our language arts and writing classes.

Speak clearly, confidently and persuasively with our innovative public speaking course. Students project their voices, make eye contact, and make their presence known, whether in person or through the computer screen. 

Put your best self forward in the college admissions process with the help of VSA’s experienced teachers, editors, and mentors.

Learn what our students and families have to say about our classes and programs, from long-time writing students to college students at their dream schools.

Build a solid foundation in math knowledge and hone fluency, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking in weekly math classes. We offer Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Geometry for middle schoolers.

In our virtual academic camp, craft thoughtful essays, get a head start on new math skills, and become incisive speakers. They travel the world with Friday science and arts classes and speaker series.

Our virtual classes combine the ease of learning from home with the intimate class size and personal teacher attention of seminars. 

Explore tips, tricks, and how-tos for tackling virtual learning, academic enrichment, and the college admissions process.



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