Most frequent questions and answers


A: The camp day is 9am–12pm. Each academic class is 45 minutes long, with a daily 20-minute Gym activity. See camp schedule for more details. Campers should be online by 8:50am so classes can begin promptly at 9am. See camp schedule for more details.

A: VSA Future uses Zoom videoconferencing for its camp classes. Each camper will receive a camp schedule with Zoom meeting IDs and passwords. VSA Future uses the Waiting Room feature and meeting passwords to ensure student safety.

A; All campers should have access to a computer, laptop, or tablet with video and sound capabilities. VSA Future recommends that students use headphones (with microphone capabilities, when possible) for best sound quality and to focus. Students should have the Zoom app installed. Students should have pencil and paper with them during class to take notes and use as scratch paper. Additional class materials will be emailed to parents as needed. 

A: Please pay attention to the class, and close other applications and files on the computer. Eating and drinking are discouraged during class. For second graders and above, only the student should be at the computer during class. Whenever possible, students should sit alone in a quiet room and wear headphones to help them concentrate. Parents should allow children to learn independently in virtual class without additional help, beyond providing technical assistance when needed. Avoid surrounding sounds and interference; when siblings or family members appear in front of or near the screen, it affects the attention of other students.


For 1st through 2nd grade, the class size ranges from 4–8 students, with one teacher and a teacher assistant. For 3rd grade and up, the class size ranges from 4–12 students, with one teacher and a teacher assistant. 

A: For 1st grade and 2nd grade, there is one grade per class. For 3rd grade through 8th grade, there are 1–2 grades per class, depending on enrollment. The number of classes per grade varies based on enrollment numbers.

A: Camp students are placed in classes according to their math and writing levels. Many students will be placed in their Fall 2022 grade. Our camp curriculum gives students a strong foundation in the key topic and skills for that grade. 

A: For 1st through 2nd grade, each week’s classes feature a self-contained, independent curriculum in English, Math, and Reading & Writing. For Grades 3–11, each week’s classes feature a self-contained, independent curriculum in English/Reading & Writing, Math, and Public Speaking. Students can sign up for any combination of consecutive or non-consecutive camp weeks. We highly recommend that campers take consecutive camp weeks when possible, to promote continuity in studies. 

A: Campers in 1st through 2nd grade do not have homework. Campers in 3rd grade and up have writing assignments and public speaking assignments, which are completed on an online platform. The homework assignments help solidify the skills that students are practicing in class. There is no math homework. 

A: Our camp teachers consist of VSA Future’s senior teachers in English, math, and writing who have taught our school-year classes. Each teacher underwent a rigorous selection process, and all of our teachers feel a deep sense of responsibility and care for their students. We have received excellent feedback from students and parents regarding our teachers.

A: Yes. Campers can choose between Chess and Arts & Crafts on Fridays. 

The charts below will help to understand the best program for each child and an explanation of the curriculum for each section.

VSA Future’s Math Program is broken down similarly.

DM- develop an understanding and strategies for solving multiplication, division, fractions, and area of shapes. EM- develop fluency when solving multiplication and division problems, understand and apply fraction operations, and analyze shapes. FM- develop understanding of relationships of operations, master all four operations and making estimates, and begin to understand volume. Pre alg- understanding and apply rations and proportions, solve equations and inequalities with variables, and demonstrate mastery of multi digit computations. Algebra- understand, create, solve, and graph equations, expressions, and inequalities. Perform operations on polynomials and communicate process of solving equations.


A: Camp enrollment is offered on a weekly basis from June 28 through August 20, 2021. Each camp week features an independent curriculum. Students can enroll for consecutive or non-consecutive weeks. We recommend that students take consecutive weeks when possible to ensure the fullest continuity in learning.

Register online at bit.ly/vsacamp2021. When you sign up, you’ll choose the number of weeks and which weeks. After registration, you will receive an email with your camp invoice. The tuition discount rate is based on the date tuition payment is received. Your camp spot is guaranteed after full payment is received. If you decide to add additional weeks after your initial registration, the additional tuition will be calculated at the tuition rate of the time you added the weeks, not the rate of your initial registration. 

A: Yes. Our virtual camp is available to all students, regardless of their location.

A: There is no minimum: students can register for only one week. Discounts are only available for registrations of 2+ weeks. 

A: Kindergarten campers may choose our 2-hour option and take a 9am camp class and an 11am camp class, with an hour of rest in between. Campers in other grades are required to sign up for all classes.

A: After you register, you will receive an invoice with payment instructions via email. Your spot and any camp tuition promotional discounts are not guaranteed until payment is received. 

A: VSA Future will provide a summer camp receipt. Whether or not virtual camp tuition qualifies depends on your company’s Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account policy. Please consult your company for more information. 

A: Yes. After the first child, the second child receives a 5% discount. The third child (and subsequent siblings) receives a 10% discount.

A: Yes, if you refer a friend who signs up for 3+ weeks of camp, both you and your friend will receive a $35 referral bonus. 

A: Yes. Our spring 2021 virtual classes are currently in progress, and we can arrange trial lessons for prospective campers until June 7, 2021.