How To Make The Most Out Of High School

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If your child is just entering high school, thinking about college applications can be daunting. You may know what needs to be done, but how can you help your child get started? What should be tackled now vs. later? Our expert staff at VSA Future have compiled a guide to help.

Freshman Year

  • Start building relationships with teachers and counselors.
  • Try out extracurricular and community activities.
  • Apply for summer enrichment programs and/or employment.
  • Work with counselor(s) to plan out coursework through senior year.

Sophomore Year

  • Narrow down your favorite extracurricular and community activities and invest your time and energy in them.
  • Begin visiting colleges.
  • Take PSAT (optional).
  • Enroll in SAT Prep program (recommended).
  • Apply for summer enrichment programs and/or employment.

Junior Year

  • Seek leadership roles in select extracurricular activities.
  • Take PSAT (required to be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship).
  • Continue SAT Prep program as needed.
  • Take SAT I and SAT II Subject tests.
  • Take AP courses and AP exams.
  • Research and apply for scholarships.
  • Continue or begin visiting colleges. Reach out to friends and families at colleges for advice.
  • Apply for summer enrichment programs and/or employment.
  • In the summer after junior year, begin working on the Common Application and supplement essays.

Senior Year

  • Finish college visits.
  • Finalize college list.
  • Request recommendations as needed (Some schools recommend asking at the end of junior year).
  • Take additional standardized tests as needed for target schools.
  • Complete college applications.



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