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This summer, the pandemic is likely to restrict many of the most common summer camp activities where children gather together. In order to provide some level of socialization, many parents are planning on enrolling their children in online summer activities. And, given that many children have fallen behind academically, there is a growing need for online academic summer programs which will help children prepare for the upcoming school year. Our online learning center offers amazing programs that keeps children engaged, challenged, and prepared for whatever the coming school year might look like.

VSA Future was founded in 2015, focusing on teaching high school writing and college application consultation. After the 2020 epidemic, they have increased their offerings to include a full range of virtual teaching from preschool to high school classes and courses throughout the school year including mathematics, English, reading, writing, and public speaking.

Exciting Virtual Classes

The design of the virtual classes addresses the most critical issue for teachers, parents, and students in 2021 – how to teach effectively in an online setting. Based on the VSA Future’s virtual teaching experience and with the latest technology development in the past six years, this virtual online program has introduced a large number of resources to introduce a variety of high-tech platforms and software that allow teachers and students to interact with each other real-time. 

While the teacher is teaching through the use of well-designed and colorful presentations, explaining concepts, and guiding exercises, students can see all the teaching materials right along with the teacher. When doing exercises, the teacher will simultaneously see the student’s answers and provide immediate feedback. This platform is used in all classes including writing and grammar of public speeches, short answers, multiple-choice questions, essay writing, and more. 

The curriculum and teaching system VSA Future offers is one that most closely simulates the face-to-face environment a student would typically experience in a transitional classroom setting but in the safety of your own home. They are able to engage with teachers and students, learn at a pace that is supportive and challenging at the same time. The half-day virtual academic camp program offers children the opportunity to continue their learning all summer long while still having the remainder of the day to participate in other activities which might be available. 

Finding Balance Over The Summer Break

For many school districts, summer break can last up to ten weeks. If children can effectively utilize this time to focus on the maintenance and improvement of their academics; while participating in arts, sports, hobbies, and exercise children will most definitely broaden their visions and improve their skills throughout the summer.

Based on various factors, VSA Future Summer Camp will use the well designed mature interactive classroom for online camp and design an eight-week and a half-day online course, including writing, reading, speech, mathematics, and global speech science, experiment, fun mathematics, art, chess, fitness activities, etc. From different interesting teaching, train students to be more thoughtful and innovative, and help students improve their comprehensive analysis and leadership skills.

For more information, VSA Future is hosting a Virtual Open House, March 13, 2021 at 8:00 PM.



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